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Installation videos of RECYFIX®MONOTEC


Hydraulic performance test - channels without versus channels with built-in fall

In the Hydraulic Test Centre in Karlsruhe a test between channels without versus channels with built-in fall was done. See here the result:


TOP X Installation movies

See here the TOP X Installation movie with universal box, connection set, end cap and foul air trap

More TOP X Installation movies can be found here...


Rainwater treatment with DRAINFIX® CLEAN


Watch in this movie the cleaning performance of DRAINFIX CLEAN

Why is RECYFIX® material that break-proof?

See here why RECYFIX material is that break-proof and why the characteristics of thermoplastic is fits perfect for drainage channels


The RECYFIX®Channel from HAURATON – construction, tool manufacturing, production

See here how a RECYFIX Channel arises.


FASERFIX Production and Production logistics

Watch in this movie the FASERFIX Production and Production logistic from HAURATON in Ötigheim.


SIDE-LOCK Movie - the revolutionary and time-saving boltless locking system

SIDE-LOCK is a unique locking system, which functions totally without accessory parts. Simply lay the cover over the channel and engage it with the foot. "Click" and the cover is in place, ensuring road safety. In order to clean the channels, the cover is levered up extremely fast using a simple tool (pry bar or robust screwdriver). SIDE-LOCK thus saves 90 % of the time it takes to fix and release the covers. SIDE-LOCK was developed by HAURATON and is protected by patents.

Watch here the installation and removal of all SIDE-LOCK gratings.


DRAINFIX®CLEAN - Rain water treatment by filter substrate channel


RECYFIX® Channel installation

See here the professional installation of a RECYFIX drainage channel.


RECYFIX®HICAP® Channels on Yas Marina Circuit

20 km innovative channel system are laid out across the 170-hectare site of new Formula 1 Circuit Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.



RECYFIX HICAP was developped for special drainage tasks. The channels system is used for drainage of big areas and at the same time is used as drain water canal. The RECYFIX HICAP drainage system carries the surface water as a standard linear drainage run, leads it over big distances and drains it at one point into a main water canal. The system offers high drainage capacities with "increasing drainage cross sections". So a extensive backflow capacity as retention is established. At the same time there is the possibility to choke the dispose of water into the main water canal and give the stored water step by step to the canal net.


Hauraton en España
Rambla de l'Exposició, 59
08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona / España
+34 652 629 991


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